NARFE  Runoff Election: 
To NARFE Members

From: Barbara Sido <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2018 3:08 PM
To: Executive Director
Subject: Updated voting information

Hello, Federation Presidents, current NEB, incoming NEB, and National President candidates.

I hope you all have recovered from Jacksonville.

In recognition of the possibility that there may be some members who were unaware of the NEB rule regarding incomplete ballots, we have arranged that, upon request, members who did not indicate their preference for all three choices on the September ballot can have their ballot “re-set” so they may do so. This is comparable to the support that was offered in the June election to members who in one way or another had issues with voting, such as mis-marking the ballot.
Election Services Corporation (ESC) has assured me that their staff who handle inquiries from NARFE members are aware of the situation and are prepared to assist.  The member must provide  her/his membership number.  Upon verification, ESC will send the member an email with a new PIN.
To reach ESC, email or call 1-866-720-4357 between 9 am- 5pm (ET) Monday – Friday.
As a reminder, voting closes at 11:59 PM (ET) September 30; all online votes must be cast by then and all mail ballots must be received.


NARFE  Runoff Election

As you know, in the June election of NARFE officers, no presidential candidate received a required majority of votes cast.  Therefore a second round of voting is taking place, and can be done either on line or by paper ballot.  If you don’t quickly delete your emails, check back to August 10 for a NARFE email with subject of NARFE  Runoff Election.  This email provides both your membership number and  a PIN, which you will need to cast an online ballot (so easy!).  The September narfe  magazine gives full election results, profiles of the presidential candidates, and a paper ballot to be mailed.  Perhaps you have received emails and/or letters sent by various candidates to review, but remember to VOTE!


Fall Newsletter Now Available

2018 MD Federation Newsletter

Posted under MD Federation/Newsletters tab or use link above.

Vote for NARFE Officers, Regional VPs and Bylaws!

Remember to vote for NARFE national officers, regional VPs and bylaws. Information regarding the candidates and bylaws and resolutions can be found in the March, April, May and June issues of narfe Magazine.. Your June narfe Magazine contains your hard copy ballot and pin number inserted after page 6; you can send that in or vote online.  But remember to vote!  Each NARFE member is eligible to vote this election, so take the time to do just that.  If you and your spouse were registered together, you may find that you were only  sent one pin number to vote.  Call in for assistance at the number listed on the bottom of the  ballot.  We ran into this problem in Chapter 409, so I’m assuming this may be a problem for others.  I will post the resolution when I hear from our member.

RESOLUTION:  For misplaced or missing ballots, call Election Services Co. at 1-866-720-4357 on Monday–Friday between 9 a.m.– 5 p.m. Eastern Time. They will be able to assist you with missing ballots or other voting questions..

Update 05/22/2018
Gubernatorial Candidates’ Forum 
The Maryland Federation of National Active and Retired Federal Employees and the Maryland Federation of Business & Professional Women hosted a candidate forum om May 4, 2018.
Update 05/16/2018


TO: Maryland Federation Chapter Presidents

FROM: Bruce A. Fowler, Ph.D., A.T.S., Chair, NARFE Maryland Federal Legislative Committee

Please ensure that all of your chapter members receive the following message (below and attached in Word and PDF formats) re submission of their profiles to our 2018 Profiles in Civil Service booklet.

Also, please urge your members to participate in this worthwhile endeavor.




Region II Training
Updated information regarding the Region II Training Academy scheduled in York, PA on June 11-12, 2018 is located at:  Region II Training.

Alzheimer’s Stamp

The Frederick News Post (FNP) has a front page article about the new Alzheimer’s Postal Stamp that was approved after years of  effort by Kathy Siggins (Chapter 409).  The stamps are available, so ask at your local post office to purchase the stamps.  The funds will go to DHHS to support Alzheimer’s research.  The article can be found at:  FNP, Kathy Siggins.



A Message from our Federation President:

As President of the Maryland Federation, first I want to welcome you to the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE), Maryland Federation.  NARFE is the only organization that protects your earned benefits as an Active or Retired Federal Civilian Employee.  The Maryland Federation is the statewide umbrella organization that directly provides resources, support and training to NARFE members who are residents of the state.  The Maryland Federation website will keep you informed about the grassroots activities happening across the state that further the NARFE mission.

We will continue to maintain this website and trust that you will find the information to help you in your active career or in retirement.  Keep in mind that all NARFE members are encouraged and welcome to participate in any National, Federation or Chapter activity that you may desire.  Please review the Chapter tabs on this website to follow the activities of our Chapters.  Other sections on this site will help members from Chapter Officers to active members to potential new members.  We have a link to the NARFE National website to register new members. 

Gary Roundtree, Ph.D. President      

Maryland Federation                                                                                        Email: