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NARFE/MD: Join Us in Ocean City for the Biennial Conference

February 8, 2019

Build, Strengthen, Advocate and Lead

Maryland Federation 44th Biennial Conference

May 5-7, 2019

Dunes Manor Hotel & Suites

2800 Baltimore Ave.

Ocean City, Maryland 21842

To make reservations, call 800-523-2888. Must call hotel by April 4.  All rooms are $89.00 + $9.35 = $98.35 per night for all week. Come early or stay a day or more after and enjoy Ocean City.

It’s about Communication and Education.

Conference Objective 1:  To present the latest in Advocacy Training and Technological Training from a scientific perspective.

Conference Objective 2:  To introduce a new model for effectively using Social Media and Advocacy Training to Communicate with Your Elected Lawmakers in Congress and the Maryland General Assembly.

Come and hear and get to know some of the most interesting speakers of our time in government and beyond.

Barbara Sido, NARFE HQ Executive Director; James Marshall, NARFE Federal Benefits Institute; Peter Franchot, Maryland Comptroller; John C. Wobensmith, Maryland Secretary of State; George Owings, Maryland Secretary of Veterans Affairs; Craig Renner, Senior Director Communications of Maryland Environmental Service; Nancy Gaither, Professional, Talent & Leadership Development; Faye Green, Maryland Author; Ahmed Salem, Special Agent/Assistant Director National Security Programs, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), U.S. Department of Commerce; Gee Williams, Mayor, Berlin, Maryland; Rick Meehan, Mayor, Ocean City, Maryland; Tammy Bresnahan, AARP Maryland Associate Director of  Advocacy; Meagan Sekscinski, Estate Planning; Ronald Rolfe, Deputy Assistant Director, Nuclear & Missile Technology Division, BIS; Kathy Adams, NARFE Region II Vice President; Delegate Wayne Hartman, Maryland House of Delegates, District 38C (Worcester and Wicomico counties); and Ryan Snow, Eastern Shore Representative – Governor Lawrence Hogan.

Goals of the Biennial Conference: 

Goal #1: Learn               Goal #2: Connect               Goal #3: Apply

Registration:  For a copy of the Conference Call Letter with detailed information on registration, please contact your chapter president or the NARFE/MD Secretary Pat Farmer at

Updated: 2019-02-09

Legislative State Page Updated 10/14/2018

Check out the new  information on the State Page.

Your Money and Your Maryland taxes

Calvert County Chapter 1466 special event – September 17, 2015

1466 - Sep 2015 Asbury flyer v3

Message from Tom Longo, eNARFE Chapter 2363’s first non-resident Chapter President

Dear Regional Vice Presidents, info others:

This email is to introduce the RVP’s to myself as eNARFE Chapter 2363’s first non-resident Chapter President and to share with you briefly some recent Chapter 2363 developments and thoughts.  I am D. Thomas “Tom” Longo, Jr., resident in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.  I became eNARFE president by volunteering for such last September and running unopposed.  The other elected eNARFE officer at present is Secretary-Treasurer Sandra Threadcraft of Georgia, who also volunteered and ran unopposed.  We assumed office November 1, 2014 and our terms are two years.

The chapter’s Service Officer is Federal Benefits Chief David Snell at Headquarters who was also 2363’sfirst president whom I succeeded.  Our Legislation Officer is Marc Harris, of Florida.  Membership Chair is Ms. Vilma Geisert, of North Carolina.  We are currently conducting an electronic election by our members among five good candidates for a chapter vice president.  The voting deadline is August 5 and the new V.P. will be installed promptly once results are known.

Chapter 2363 had 27,695 members as of July 23, 2015.  Our recruitment occurs primarily through electronic means by National Headquarters and is proving to be a success story in reaching out in particular, apparently, to the “Boomers Generation” as described at the July 2015 N.E.B. meeting in Reno.  These are people born 1946-1964, currently aged 51-69, many if not most of whom are still actively employed.  They are inclined, evidently, not to be “joiners” of volunteer organizations since they assume they will continue to work at least part-time well into retirement.  Accordingly, numbers of them apparently find eNARFE to be a good fit since they benefit from NARFE’s advocacy efforts while not needing to join a local chapter.  NARFE in turn benefits from their national dues revenue. 2363 does not have chapter dues nor receives “10% money” but National helps us out from time to time with officer travel-expense reimbursement.

Recent Chapter 2363 developments since I became president include:

  • We have set up a chapter Advisory Committee comprised of currently 10-11 persons who have shown themselves closely interested in and attentive to eNARFE matters, including where and how eNARFE should fit into Future NARFE per the FONC exercise and current Strategic Planning.
  •  Chapter 2363 successfully urged National Headquarters to move forward ro implement the Orlando Convention’s stipulation to set up a new national NARFE blog open to all NARFE members.  The new national blog went live on June 5.  The preexisting eNARFE blog open only to eNARFE members that was very little utilized will be taken down shortly, replaced by the national blog.
  •  With the help particularly of my Membership and Legislative Chairs, we have given special weight to a “service-to-our-members” philosophy wherein if someone posts a question or situation to 2363, they WILL get a reply, or a referral.  You can imagine that with 27,000+ members such responsiveness can be a challenge at times, but it’s what we do.
  •  We have built further on the voting precedent that past chapter president David Snell established at the 2014 Orlando convention, namely, proportional chapter voting on national officer candidates and major resolutions according to results of electronically polling our membership shortly prior to conventions.  This means that, notwithstanding the large number of ballot votes we are entitled to by the one-delegate-per-50-members national bylaws rule, Chapter 2363 can not and will not “steamroll” anything at a convention.  Rather, we divide our ballot vote proportionally according to our members’ desires.

I and my colleagues fully subscribe to the philosophies that 2363 and the local chapters, federations and regions are all on the same NARFE team, and that 2363 is an asset, not a liability or rival, for your and our efforts toward an effective Future NARFE.

Some of you may remember me from the Orlando convention when I spoke repeatedly from the floor on issues pertinent to eNARFE Chapter 2363.  In any event, I hope to become a regular attendee at N.E.B. meetings, starting with this November’s, to provide a face of 2363 there and to become better acquainted with all of you.

Sincerely, /s/ D. Thomas “Tom” Longo

eNARFE Chapter 2363 Pfesident

Congressman John T. Sarbanes of District 3 to speak at Chapter 1892 June luncheon

TO: NARFE/MD Executive Committee Members, Federaton Committee Chairmen and Chapter Presidents


We at NARFE Chapter 1892-Aspen Hill are very proud to announce that Congressman John T. Sarbanes of District 3 has accepted our invitation to be our guest speaker at our June 10 luncheon.  As most of you know, Congressman Sarbanes has been a champion of seniors, retirees and the federal workforce as his voting record earned him a perfect score on NARFE’s Legislative Scorecard.  We look forward to hearing the Congressman speak on issues before Congress, especially his well documented efforts to take money out of politics and give our democracy back to citizens like us.  We expect a large turnout, so please make your reservations as early as possible for this great event!

Below is the form to submit.  It contains meal choices with prices.  The luncheon will begin at 11:30 a.m. at the Golden Bull Restaurant, 7 Delamar Street, Gaithersburg, MD 20877, 301 948-3666.

Money is due by June 5, 2015.  Please send your check, payable to NARFE Chapter 1892, and a copy of the registration form below with your meal choice to Linda Cohen (301 460-5177) 15104 Manor Lake Drive, Rockville, MD 20853-1558.

A clearer form can be found in our Chapter 1892 May Newsletter at this link:

Looking forward to a very informative luncheon.

Paul Schwartz

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