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MD Federation Mini-Conference and Annual Meeting

MD Federation Mini-Conference and Annual Meeting
 The MD Federation Mini-Conference and Annual Meeting (April 30 and May 1, 2018)  information and registration forms can be found under THE MD FEDERATION > Convention/Conference News”

Training, Conference News and General Announcements

Please refer to the Region II and Federation Training page on this website for further updates regarding the Region II Training Academy dates in June and location. 

Also the calendar has been updated for this next year.  Please review your Chapter information and let us know if there are any errors that need correction (  The Calendar can be found under the MD Federation menu tab. 

Other items such as FEEA Scholarship submission dates and information as well as Maryland Gerontological Association dates have been added to the calendar.  The FEEA Scholarship information has been added to the FEEA website Committees page under the MD Federation menu tab. 

Alzheimer’s Stamp

The Frederick News Post (FNP) has a front page article about the new Alzheimer’s Postal Stamp that was approved after years of  effort by Kathy Siggins (Chapter 409).  Once the stamps are printed in the next month or so, ask at your local post office to purchase the stamps.  The funds will go to DHHS to support Alzheimer’s research.  The article can be found at:  FNP, Kathy Siggins.

Maryland Gerontological Association

Hi All,

As NARFE/MD representative on the Board of the Maryland Gerontological Association, I want to pass on information about MGA’s 35th Annual Conference on Tuesday, June 20 at the Meeting House in Columbia, Maryland.

The Hidden Epidemic: Substance Use, Misuse and Abuse in Older Adults is the subject matter for the conference. This should be a very important topic to us all.

Please join me in attending this conference. Please share this information with family members and friends and anyone you know who are in the field of aging.

I am a lay person in this field but I always learn a lot from these conferences.  I hope to see you there.

Register now!  Use the conference brochure below.

Pat Farmer
NARFE/MD Secretary
MGA Board Member

If you have already registered, we will see you next month!

To download a printable conference brochure, click here
To register online, click here 

Change of Email for Sending Your Info to the MDNARFE Webmaster & Webmaster Needed for Maryland Federation Website

To: MD Federation Committee Chairs, Chapter Presidents and Social Media Coordinators

NOTE: Chapter Presidents, Please pass to your Newsletter Editors.

From: Linda Adams, Chair, Electronics Communication Committee

Subject: Information on Work Distribution on Federation Website

The Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) would like to inform Chapter Presidents, other Federation Committee Chairs, and Newsletter Editors that Diane Bicjan is no longer the Federation Webmaster.  She has done an incredible job, but for personal reasons can no longer perform as webmaster.

The duties to be covered temporarily by the ECC are as follows:  Pat Dempsey and Linda Adams will be standing in for posting information and Flash Gordon and Jim Lish will work with Network Solutions on server issues.  In this regard, please send updates for information to be posted to:  Please do not send to Diane.  Since Pat Dempsey and I are novices to this website, please bear with us.

 Please help us in our recruiting efforts by posting a Help Wanted Ad in your newsletters.  You may use the below ad if you have room. 

 The Maryland Federation is recruiting for a webmaster.  The Federation currently uses WordPress for our software.  If you have any interest in this position or are willing to learn how to post items, please email  This position takes a few hours a month.  The website is established, so only updates will be posted.  Please consider volunteering for this important position.