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NARFE  Runoff Election

Vote by 11:59 p.m. ET on September 30, 2018

As you know, in the June election of NARFE officers, no presidential candidate received a required majority of votes cast.  Therefore a second round of voting is taking place, and can be done either on line or by paper ballot.  If you don’t quickly delete your emails, check back to August 10 for a NARFE email with subject of NARFE  Runoff Election.  This email provides both your membership number and  a PIN, which you will need to cast an online ballot (so easy!).  The September narfe  magazine gives full election results, profiles of the presidential candidates, and a paper ballot to be mailed.  Perhaps you have received emails and/or letters sent by various candidates to review, but remember to VOTE!

Legislative State Page Updated 6/18/2018

The Maryland State Legislative Committee information has posted the results of the 2018 Survey of Candidates.


Missing or Misplaced Ballots

For misplaced or missing ballots, call Election Services Co. at 1-866-720-4357 on Monday–Friday between 9 a.m.– 5 p.m. Eastern Time. They will be able to assist you with missing ballots or other voting questions..


Vote for NARFE Officers, Regional VPs and Bylaws!

Remember to vote for NARFE national officers, regional VPs and bylaws. Information regarding the candidates and bylaws and resolutions can be found in the March, April, May and June issues of narfe Magazine.. Your June narfe Magazine contains your hard copy ballot and pin number inserted after page 6; you can send that in or vote online.  But remember to vote!  Each NARFE member is eligible to vote this election, so take the time to do just that.  If you and your spouse were registered together, you may find that you were only  sent one pin number to vote.  Call in for assistance at the number listed on the bottom of the  ballot.  We ran into this problem in Chapter 409, so I’m assuming this may be a problem for others.  I will post the resolution when I hear from our member.

MD Federation Mini-Conference and Annual Meeting

MD Federation Mini-Conference and Annual Meeting
 The MD Federation Mini-Conference and Annual Meeting (April 30 and May 1, 2018)  information and registration forms can be found under THE MD FEDERATION > Convention/Conference News”