Newsletter Editor Resources – Duties

It differs from one chapter to another what duties a newsletter editors does.  In some chapters, newsletter editors compose the articles, complete the layout, work with the printer, and mail the newsletter and/or email them.  But in most chapters, the newsletter editor works with other members to coordinate the submission of articles, edits, and then sends the completed newsletter to the printer.  Other volunteers work on the distribution process which can be either by mail or email.

It would help each chapter if they had a written process in place regarding duties and process that can be shared with new newsletter editors and distribution volunteers.  A sample of a chapter process has been requested from the MD Chapters and will be published when they are received. This process should include who compiles articles (may be different from authors of articles), who reviews articles, who submits to the printer and WHO works with the printer on the publication process. Once printed, the manual should contain how the distribution process woks for both hard-copy and email copy, who pays for mail permits and when they are due. Most chapters have articles from their presidents, legislative representatives, budget officers, service officer, etc. Also it would be helpful to have a newsletter file to give to a new newsletter editor containing a completed newsletter with any associated graphics in both hard copy and electronic files.