Federation Bylaws and Policies April 23, 2021



Election 2020

Bylaws Amendment Proposals

Bylaws Amendment Proposals 2020 - May 31 2020

Bylaws Amendment Ballot

BYLAW AMENDMENT Ballot - Final Version

The MD Federation Bylaws that were adopted in Ocean City in May, 2017, were a complete replacement for both the 2009 “Constitution” and “Bylaws” (C&B) documents.  The old C&B are no longer valid at all.  The MD Federation no longer has a “Constitution” as such; the 2017 Bylaws include all the appropriate provisions that were carried over from the 2009 Constitution plus all the “One Member One Vote” modifications that were adopted at the convention, all in a single document, called “Bylaws” (see below document).  A searchable “Bylaws” document can be downloaded and viewed in a pdf viewer at the following link:  Searchable Bylaws.

MD Fed Bylaws as adopted 5/1/17

Updated on 11/23/2023