The forms pages are located on the NARFE website at:  NARFE forms by number 
 Note: An Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to fill out certain forms. Please click here to download it.
DW-2 Dues Withholding Application for Retirees. Updated on 11/13
DW-3 Dues Withholding Application for New Members (Retirees). Updated on 08/13
F-3A Proposed Convention Resolution. Updated on 12/09
F-3C Proposed Bylaws/Standing Rule Amendment Form. Updated on 12/09
F-7 Chapter Officer Roster. Updated on 10/10
F-7A State Federation Officer Roster. Updated on 10/10
F-9 Notification of Death of a Member Updated on 03/06
F-10 Chapter/Federation Officers Manual. Updated on 03/13
F-16 Dues Transmittal Sheet: New Members. Updated on 02/08
F-16R Dues Transmittal Sheet: Renewals. Updated on 02/08
F-18 Requisition for Printed Supplies. Updated monthly
F-19 Chapter Charter Application. Updated on 10/13
F-21 Chapter Constitution/Bylaws. Updated on 06/09
F-22 State Federation Convention Report. Updated on 02/09
F-30 Monthly Chapter Update Report. Updated on 09/13
F-38 Chapter Treasurer’s Report. Updated on 12/04
F-42 Delegate Credentials to Fed. Conv.. Updated on 10/01
F-46 Changes to L.S.A. Assignments. Updated on 09/13
F-53 National Life Membership. Updated on 10/10
F-54 Chapter Pres./Chapter VP. Updated on 03/10
F-55 Chapter Secretary. Updated on 04/08
F-56 Chapter Treasurer. Updated on 03/08
F-58 Chapter Service Officer. Updated on 06/13
F-60 Membership Chair. Updated on 06/10
F-67 Order for Membership Label/Listings. Updated on 08/13
F-75 Speaker Evaluation. Updated on 10/13
F-84 Request for Chapter Transfer. Updated on 02/08
F-85 Gift Membership Information. Updated on 10/13
F-86 Dues Withholding brochure. Updated on 10/10
F-100 Be prepared for Life’s Events. Updated on 03/10
F-105 NARFE Scholarship Program Guide. Updated on 11/12
F-107 Service Officer & Centers Brochure. Updated on 04/13
F-117 NARFE’s Legislative Accomplishments Brochure. Updated on 08/12
F-121 Welcome to Your NARFE Chapter. Updated on 01/11
F-123 New recruiting pamphlet “Federal Employees Pop Quiz” . Updated on 08/12
F-126 10 Worst Mistakes Federal Employees Can Make. Updated on 10/13
F-127 10 Worst Mistakes Retirees Can Make. Updated on 10/11
F-128 Distinguished Member Application. Updated on 08/13
F-129 Pin Order Form. Updated on 08/11
F-130 NARFE Disaster Relief Fund. Updated on 04/13
F-131 Chapter Audit Checklist. Updated on 11/09
F-133  Your FERS Benefits. Updated on 01/11
F-135  Membership Brochure. Updated on 08/13
FH-4 Articles of Incorporation: National Bylaws. Updated on 09/12
FH-6 Membership Services Manual. Updated on 06/10
FH-9 Public Relations Handbook. Updated on 12/10
FH-10 Service Officer Guide. Updated on 04/13
FH-12  Alzheimer’s Research Program. Updated on 08/13
FH-14 Regional Vice Presidents’ Handbook. Updated on 02/09
FH-19 Membership Development Manual. Updated on 12/10
FH-24 Speaker/Event Expense Form. Updated on 10/13
H-134 Information Directory for Headquarters. Updated on 09/13
L-1 Understanding Social Security Offsets: GPO-WEP. Updated on 11/08
L-2 NARFE’s Legislative Program for the 113th Congress. Updated on 01/13
M-1 Reinstatement Card. Updated on 04/09
M-2 Prospect Information Card. Updated on 09/13
P-2 Vanishing Benefits. Updated on 09/07