BELOW ARE TWO MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS, but the registration process is the same for both.  Whichever you choose, you will receive all of the privileges and benefits of belonging to NARFE.

  1. Local Chapter Membership Option (Traditional). Chapter membership includes all of the above membership privileges, including affiliation with a local chapter near you. Chapters normally meet on a monthly basis, and many provide newsletters, social networking opportunities and grass-roots lobbying. Each chapter establishes its own dues in addition to NARFE dues.
  2. National Membership Option (No Chapter affiliation).  This method includes all of the above membership provileges and benefits of belonging to NARFE, but you are not associated with a Chapter.  You miss out on the above benefits of a Chapter.

To join onlineActive or Retired/former Federal employeeCLICK HERE

 By telephone (active or retired/former): Call our toll-free number, 800-627-3394, and join NARFE using a major credit card.

 By mail: Active employeesCLICK HERE to download and print form.  Fill out and mail in application with your method of payment.

 Retirees:  CLICK HERE to download and print form.  Fill out and mail in application which includes authorization for the Office of Personnel Management to withhold dues from your annuity if you chose that method of payment.

Whichever manner you choose to join NARFE, you can rest assured that your Federal benefits, pay and health care coverage are being protected!  The National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) is the only association solely dedicated to safeguarding and enhancing the benefits of America’s active and retired federal employees, and their survivors. Your membership entitles you to the following:

  • A voice on Capitol Hill;
  • An award-winning monthly magazine and exclusive website access;
  • Electronic alerts to legislation affecting your income and health care security;
  • Access to NARFE’s Legislative Action Center, weekly Legislative Hotlines and a wide variety of information available only to members via our website;
  • Exclusive access to a set of easy-to-use online financial planning tools and eSeminar;
  • Eligibility for college scholarships and disaster relief grants;
  • Discounts on hotels, cruises, vacation tours, car rentals, bankcards and more.

 Printable and saveable Registration Process