What does the Federation do for you?


  1. REPRESENTS federal retirees/employees within the state.  NARFE/MFN lobbies for our earned rights/retiree benefits at the state level.  Bear in mind that no U.S. Congress or Maryland General Assembly can be relied upon to treat us fairly or with concern …MFN has to take the initiative.
  2. PROVIDES a unified voice in Annapolis when dealing with the governor and the General Assembly and educates state legislators and local officials about concerns of federal retirees/employees.  It helps state legislators refine proposed bills affecting us all.
  3. PROMOTES the objectives of NARFE throughout Maryland.  The MFN is the logical organization to set specific and attainable goals for the chapters to support within the state, the objectives of National Headquarters. MFN speaks for all Maryland members on National NARFE policy issues.
  4. FACILITATES effective group action to accomplish common objectives.  By establishing a viable political base at the grassroots level, it channels member efforts so as to support National NARFE policies.
  5. TRAINS local NARFE chapter officers, committee chairs and area coordinators in order to provide top quality leadership skills for the furtherance of common goals.
  6. COMMUNICATES with members and the public-at-large about issues of concern to federal retirees/employees.
  7. SUPPORTS contributions for NARFE’s political fund to support political candidates.
  8. MOBILIZES volunteer resources existing in chapters in ongoing support of causes vital to NARFE members, such as Alzheimer’s research and increasing Maryland’s income exclusion for calculating state income taxes.
  9. ADVISES chapters on effective ways of carrying out various functions such as membership, services, and public relations benefiting federal retiree/employees.
  10. SERVES as a vehicle for the exchange of ideas among members about programs and actions to benefit to federal retirees and employees through its bi-annual conference and the MFN newsletter.

Updated on 6/12/2021