The Spring 2022 MD Federation Newsletter has been posted in Federation Newsletters.


Maryland State Legislative Committee (SLC) White Paper on Senior Migration/Tax Relief

The Fall MD Federation Newsletter has been posted in Federation Newsletters.

Election 2021

2021 Winter Newsletter

Paul Schwartz’s testimony on HB1111 (decoupling) to the Ways and Means Committee on 25 February 2021.

Maryland February 2021 Federation Board Meeting Video

Region II Training Cancelled for March in York, PA

The tribute to Bishop Dr. Gary Roundtree Sr via Zoom

Here is the Official Call to VIRTUAL February 1, 2021 Board Meeting

Call for Nominations for Maryland Federation Officers can be found here.

MDNARFE-PAC needs your help! Look here for how you can do this.

2021 State Legislative Program Pamphlet is on the Maryland State Legislative Committee page.

AGENDA NARFE/MD VIRTUAL Board Meeting is here.

2020 Federation Bylaws Results

The MD Federation members who voted in June overwhelmingly supported the proposed changes to the Bylaws.

A big thank you to Louise Cole and Lillie Watson of the Ballot and Teller Committee who counted all those votes!

See more of this story on page 8 of the 2020 Fall MD Federation Newsletter

Maryland Federation Executive Committee and Bylaws & Resolutions Committee met and developed the following recommendations on the 2020 NARFE Bylaws Change Proposals.

Congressional District 4 Virtual Town Hall via Zoom Event


For more information check out Federation and Region II Training page.

MD Federation Directory has been updated.

Go to link under “The MD Federation” tab, Directory.


Notification of Cancellation of May 4-5 Mini-Conference

The NARFE/MD Executive Committee met by Conference Call on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 to discuss the upcoming May Mini-Conference. The final
decision was to cancel the May 4-5 Mini-Conference because of the uncertainty surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19); the fact that the virus is most serious and dangerous for people over 65+; and the CDC restrictions on meetings and its order to practice social distancing.
NARFE/MD will not reschedule the Mini-Conference.
Chapter Presidents:  Please notify your members of this cancellation.
Also, those members who have already registered for the Mini-Conference will be reimbursed for their payment. If you have already reserved a hotel
room at the Bowie Comfort Inn, please remember to cancel it.  There shouldn’t be any penalty this far out.
The next NARFE/MD Board Meeting is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 5, at the Bowie Comfort Inn, so mark your calendars.
The Executive Committee prays for your safety, health and well-being during this critical health crisis.

Watch and listen to testimony on HB 788 before the Maryland House Ways & Means Committee on February 21st.

Wait for the video to appear then click on the 6th gold dot gold dotfrom the left for the testimony. Press play (the triangle on the left). Lastly click on the upper video.

Call to Maryland Federation Board Meeting – Feb. 7, 2020

The official call letter to the February 7, 2020 Board Meeting is attached in both DOC and PDF formats.  

Please read the call letter carefully and respond as requested to the Registration Committee by the due date of January 30, 2020. PLEASE NOTE in the call letter: Because of the distance involved, the Federation will reimburse Chapters 306 Hagerstown, 410 West-Mar, 1522 Susquehanna, and 2274 Ocean Area for one night at the hotel, so they can come the the day before, Feb. 6, 2020.

Registration Form for Federation Board Meeting – Feb. 7, 2020 DOC and PDF


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