About the Maryland Federation of NARFE

The Maryland Federation of Chapters was established 5 April 1956. At that time, there were 10 chapters. Today, there are 32 chapters in Maryland.

The purpose of the Federation is to aid and support NARFE in the objectives set forth in the National Articles of Incorporation; to unite fraternally for the mutual benefit of all Chapters within the State of Maryland; to promote the general welfare of all retirees, including more liberal retirement laws and annuities; and to support civic and patriotic activities up-holding American institutions and ideals.

The Federation is managed by (1) an Executive Committee, made up of the five elected officers plus active Past Federation Presidents, and (2) the Federation Executive Board, made up of the Executive Committee, all Chapter Presidents, and all Past Federation Presidents.  The Executive Committee meets as needed. The Federation Board meets at least three times each year.

The Federation holds a Convention in May of each odd-numbered year.

Constitution and By-Laws of the Maryland Federation of NARFE Chapters