Newsletter Editor Resources – Training and Support

Below are learning center and other helpful resources for newsletter editors. Editors agree that the best training is doing, but knowing the software is a big help! Here are some suggestions that you might find helpful:

Learning Centers

The following is a listing of places that offer non-credit courses for continuing education and development.  This is not an all inclusive listing, but simply what is easily found on the internet.  If you have a source for training that is not listed below and would like it included, please email Linda Adams at with the name of the vendor, location, and course title/description.  The list is alphabetized by the county or city indicated in bold type. 

Community College of Allegheny County, Community Education.  The courses for Community Education are offered on-line through  The courses offiered by the Community College of Allegheny County are:  Microsoft Word, beginning and intermediate, and Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.  The Community Education courses are listed at:

Anne Arundel Community College, Continuing Education, Anne Arundel CountyThey have non-credit courses for Word, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign.  The schedule of classes is located at:  They have a terrific selection of continuing education classes. 

Baltimore City Community College, Continuing Education, Baltimore CityThere are courses offered in:  Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop.  The listings and schedules are located at:

Community College of Baltimore County, Continuing Education, Baltimore CountyThe schedule for continuing education courses is found at:  The non-credit courses include:  Microsoft Word, beginning through advanced; Adobe Acrobat X, InDesign, introduction through advanced; and Adobe Photoshop. 

Carroll Community College, Continuing Education, Carroll CountyThe courses offered are:  Microsoft Word, level 1 and 2;  Publisher, level 1 and 2; Adobe Photoshop, level 1 and 2; and Adobe InDesign, level 1 and 2.  The schedule of courses is located at:

College of Southern Maryland, Workforce Development.  Courses that are offered are:  various Photoshop courses; Word at various levels; and InDesign.  The catalog is located at:  This college services Charles County, St. Mary’s County and Calvert County amongst others. The continuing Education program does not offer publishing software classes. You will have to use their Workforce Development site; these are credit classes but you may audit.

Frederick Community College, Institute for Learning in Retirement, Frederick County.  The current catalogue is located at: The catalog sometimes contains a course on Microsoft Publisher.  Check the Frederick Community College catalog if you are interested in college courses. These classes may be audited without credit. The catalog is located at:

Hagerstown Community College, Continuing Education, Hagerstown City and Washington CountyThe computer courses for Publisher and Word are located at:   The schedules are located at:  These are non-credit courses.

Harford Community College, Continuing Education, Harford County.  The courses offered are:  Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, and Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.  The catalogue can be found at:  The space between “noncr” and “coursemenu” contains an underscore you do not see in the printed text.

Howard Community College, Continuing Education, Howard County  Various levels of Word are offered as well as various Adobe courses including Photoshop and InDesign.  The course descriptions and schedule of classes are offered at:

Montgomery College, Training Solutions for Business and Industry. Montgomery County.  The current catalog is located at:  click on “Business, Information Technology and Safety” to find the classes you may need. The classes here include Adobe Photoshop, web design, and other social media courses.  They did not have a specific course for Microsoft Publisher or other publishing software, but check occasionally to see if they have added any that might apply to your software. 

Prince George’s Community College, Non-credit Courses, Prince George’s County.  The courses offered are:  Word, beginning and intermediate; various Adobe courses including Photoshop; and InDesign to name a few.  The schedule of classes is located at: click on “Programs and Courses” to find classes both credit and non-credit.

Worcester-Wicomico Community College, Continuing Education (Non-credit Courses), Worcester, Wicomico, and Somerset Counties.  They offer a nice selection of courses for desktop publishing and graphics as well as MS Word. The schedule of classes is located at . Look under “Continuing Education”. They also offer on-line courses through

YouTube YouTube has various training videos which are helpful and do not cost anything.   Try searching on the site to see what webinars/videos are available to learn your software.  Below are just a few sites on YouTube that might help you. Since YouTube is constantly updating videos, simply search the site for the software you want to learn. There should be a lot of learning opportunities on this site to help you.  Microsoft Publisher 2010  How to Create a Newsletter in Adobe Photoshop, Part 1.  This is the first part of a series.  For more information or other tutorials visit  How to Use Microsoft Word to Create a Newsletter.  The second part of a series of videos she says are on her website

Updated on 3/16/2020