Electronic Communications Committee

The Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) was established by the Maryland Federation to further the usage of electronic communications within the Federation.  The ECC created a report stating the goals and objectives of the committee.  The document is included in the following URL:  ECC Goals & Objectives.  We surveyed the Chapters within the Federation and other state Federations for input into this document. 
Social Media Coordinators (SMCs) were established in the Federation and Chapters with resources to accomplish this objective.  The SMCs were trained in Facebook and various Chapters established Facebook pages to begin communicating with active and retired federal employees.  In addition to this training completed by a contractor, a guide is in the process of being developed for future use by existing and new SMCs. Follow-up by the contractor and mentors within the ECC will help to keep the communication process working.  A Federation SMC has been selected and he is in the process of working with the contractor to finalize the Federation Facebook page.  The committee has also worked with the e-Division contact, Ted Jensen, to establish the MD e-Division website on the national webiste, www.narfe.org.
The ECC also requested requirements for the updating of the Maryland Federation website.  The requirements were collated and can be found at:  Website Requirements.  We surveyed the Chapters in the Maryland Federation to request their input on the re-formatting of the Federation website.  We currently are completing a draft website to form a foundation for the new website taking into consideration as many of the requirements we could use in this new website. 
The ECC has been established as a Standing Committee in the Maryland Federation and will continue to work diligently to spread the use of electronic communications within the Federation for recruitment and retention of NARFE members.  The use of social media will continue as an increasingly used method of general communication between the Federation, Chapters and members and hopefully be cost-effective ways of communicating. 
 ECC Chair Linda  Adams, narfe409@hotmail.com
Howard Gordon, flash@acm.org
Morse Solomon, narfemdfed@gmail.com
Updated on 2/8/2020