Newsletter Editor Resources – Layout and Content

  1. NARFE Headquarters website contains “Tips and Templates for Federation and Chapter Newsletters” located at:  The site contains suggested topics and contains two templates for your use. [NOTE: be sure to login  to the HQ site BEFORE clicking on the link above so you will be taken directly to the Tips and Templates document.]
  2. “Tips and Templates…” also contains copyright information.  They state, “Any article or story disseminated by NARFE Headquarters may be reproduced, with attribution. Some chapters like to reproduce articles from other sources, and generally, this may be done without violating copyright regulations if the source is credited.”  Please take time to review this web page for information and topics relevant to publication of your newsletter.
  3. Publishing software generally comes with templates that any editor may use for their newsletter.  Most chapters have a defined format for their newsletters, but an editor also might like to change what they are doing.  The templates offered are very easy to use, edit, and change.  This is where taking a Continuing Education course might be beneficial to you as you get started with templates or designing your own template.  Look in your software and try using another template to see what happens!   But generally all you need to do is ask your previous newsletter editor for newsletter files to simply copy onto your computer and use as a template for your newsletter.  You then have the chapter masthead and most of their graphics to get started with little effort.
  4. As stated in “Other Support Tools” section, having other newsletters from other chapters is a good way to see what other chapters are doing.  You might see something you like that is different from what you are doing and change is not always bad…  Be open to new ideas for your newsletter.
  5. Chapter 1122 requested suggestions for obtaining topics/articles for chapter newsletters.  After reviewing some of the newsletters here are some suggestions:
  • Check on the Maryland Federation website for ideas and articles.
  • NARFE Headquarters uses GEMS and NARFE ”News Watch” to disseminate  news items. Chapters routinely use these as news sources.
  • “Tips and Templates…” on NARFE Headquarters website has other suggestions.  Please review their list for further ideas.
  • Read other chapter newsletters for ideas or articles.  If you use articles from another newsletter, please use the proper bibliography information.
  • Speakers at chapter meetings may have newsletters/or an email distribution lists containing information that may be of interest to members.  Ask them when they attend your meeting if they have such resources.
  • Check on your local government websites for news.  There also may be email news alerts.
  • Look on government facilities that are in your area or where members work(ed) for news and community events.  Subscribe to their newsletters to routinely see what is happening at their organizations.
  • Register on your U.S. Representative and/or Senator’s websites.  Some have email news alerts.  Representative Chris Van Hollen sent an alert to check your home on the Maryland state tax website that handles the Homestead Tax database reminding all to register by Dec. 31 if they haven’t done so yet.  So as you can see you might have been able to use that fact in your newsletter.

If you have other ideas for acquiring information for articles, please send the information to