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Testimony on HB 788 2020

Watch and listen to testimony on HB 788 before the Maryland House Ways & Means Committee on February 21st.

Wait for the video to appear then click on the 6th gold dot gold dotfrom the left for the testimony. Press play (the triangle on the left). Lastly click on the upper video.

Senate Bill 486 DECOUPLING

Senate Bill 486 decouples itemizing on the federal tax return from the state in regards to itemizing deductions. The hearing before the Senate Budget & Taxation Committee on DECOUPLING bill, SB 486, is next Wednesday, February 12th. Paul Schwartz believes it will be around 1:00 and plans to testify in support of that bill. Filling the seats with supporters will help and sitting next to AARP at the witness table will also help.

Senate Bill 486

United Seniors of Maryland (USM)

General Meeting
December 16, 2019, Monday
Special Guest Speaker
Caryn Lasser
New Deputy Secretary
Maryland Department of Aging

United Seniors of Maryland December 16, 2019 Meeting

United Seniors of Maryland 2020 Legislative Forum ANNOUNCED

USM 2020 Legislative Forum
January 14, 2020
Tuesday 8am-1:00pm

Miller Senate East & West Wings
Host Sponsor Senator Kathy Klausmeier
Registration starts 11/18/19

United Seniors of Maryland 2020 Legislative Forum ANNOUNCED

2020 State Legislative Program pamphlet

The 2020 State Legislative Program pamphlet has been on the State Legislative Page.