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2023 NARFE Maryland Biennial

NARFE MD.Press Release 015-2023

2022 Maryland General Election Candidate Survey Update 2

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Maryland State Legislative Committee (SLC) Page

October 3, 2022 MD Federation Candidates Forum

MD NARFE thanks Glenn Ivey, Dan Cox, Brooke Lierman and Barry Glassman

“The Maryland Federation of NARFE (National Active and Retired Federal Employees) is a nonpartisan organization and questions/comments in these forum recordings do not necessarily reflect the view of the organization. These recordings were officially authorized by NARFE/MD.”

Please press on the following links to watch the introduction and the four presentations on YouTube.


The Maryland state legislative program. 

Testimony by Paul Schwartz on February 23rd during the Maryland State Senate Budget & Taxation Committee Hearing

Maryland State Legislative Committee (SLC)