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2021 Alzheimer’s Association MD Legislative Priorities


Tribute to Bishop Dr. Gary Roundtree Sr

On December 7, 2020 there was a tribute to Bishop Dr. Gary Roundtree Sr via Zoom and facilitated by Steve Gurney. This is a video of the event.

Dr. Sudha Haley, Patricia Farmer and NARFE Maryland Federation Officers and Members’ Tribute to NARFE Region II Vice President & former Federation President Bishop Dr. Gary Roundtree Sr.

A toast to Gary


Official Call to February 2021 Board Meeting

Here is the Official Call to VIRTUAL February 1, 2021 Board Meeting

Call for Nominations for Maryland Federation Officers 2021

The call for nominations can be found here.


We Need Your Help!!

MDNARFE-PAC (Political Action Committee), through the Federation’s State Legislation Committee (SLC), works for legislation beneficial to seniors by raising and spending money to elect members of the Maryland General Assembly who support our legislative program. Contributions to MDNARFE-PAC also helps our SLC build strong relationships with Maryland lawmakers, a key component to winning legislative fights. Make an investment in advancing progressive senior legislation in Maryland by supporting MDNARFE-PAC today! (Note – MDNARFE-PAC contributions are not tax-deductible for Federal or state tax purposes.)

Please make your check payable to: MDNARFE-PAC
Mail to:
Robert Doyle, Treasurer
Maryland NARFE-PAC
4226 Carvel Lane
Edgewater, MD 21037
• Paul K. Schwartz, Coordinator, MDNARFE-PAC —
• Robert Doyle, Treasurer, MDNARFE-PAC —