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2021 Winter Newsletter

2021 Winter Newsletter


It can be found on the Federation Newsletters page.

Spring, 2019 MD Federation Newsletter

The Spring, 2019 MD Federation Newsletter has been added to this website on the The Maryland Federation/Federation Newsletter tab.  MD Federation Newsletters

Federation Newsletter

TO: Members of Executive Committee, Federation Committee Chairs and Chapter Presidents
FROM: President Dr. Gary Roundtree, Sr.

SUBJECT: Call for Articles for 2018 Fall Federation Newsletter

The deadline for Fall Newsletter articles is Tuesday, July 24, 2018.

Articles should be submitted no later than that date to Secretary
Pat Farmer ( with a cc to me, Gary Roundtree ( Pat will do the initial editing of
the articles and the layout.
Also, Pat has been receiving updated F-7s with the changes in
chapter officers. If you receive this email and are no longer chapter
president, please let Pat know.

If you have any questions re the newsletter, please contact me

by email or phone or Pat by email or phone.

Dr. Gary


MD Federation Newsletter

The Fall Federation Newsletter has been posted to this website under “Federation Newsletters” in MD Federation tab.