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Notification of Cancellation of May 4-5 Mini-Conference

The NARFE/MD Executive Committee met by Conference Call on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 to discuss the upcoming May Mini-Conference. The final
decision was to cancel the May 4-5 Mini-Conference because of the uncertainty surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19); the fact that the virus is most serious and dangerous for people over 65+; and the CDC restrictions on meetings and its order to practice social distancing.
NARFE/MD will not reschedule the Mini-Conference.
Chapter Presidents:  Please notify your members of this cancellation.
Also, those members who have already registered for the Mini-Conference will be reimbursed for their payment. If you have already reserved a hotel
room at the Bowie Comfort Inn, please remember to cancel it.  There shouldn’t be any penalty this far out.
The next NARFE/MD Board Meeting is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 5, at the Bowie Comfort Inn, so mark your calendars.
The Executive Committee prays for your safety, health and well-being during this critical health crisis.


Call to Maryland Federation Board Meeting – Feb. 7, 2020

See here for more information.

Election 2019

The voting has started for the 2019 Maryland NARFE elections which
will use the “One member – One Vote”
format. Please click this link to see the ballot options  – Election 2019

NARFE/MD: Join Us in Ocean City for the Biennial Conference

The 44th Biennial Conference of the Maryland Federation of NARFE will take place May 5-7, 2019 at the Dunes Manor Hotel in Ocean City, Maryland. For more information


CONTACT: EDWARD HOLLAND, Public Relations Officer / #301.848.3476



On Wednesday, March 13, 2019, 1:00pm, the Maryland Federation, National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association will throw its support behind Senate Bill 906: Income Tax – Itemized Deductions. This is the cross filed bill for HB 327 (refer to NARFE MD PR: 003-2019). In reviewing

SB 906 on the General Assembly’s website – Allowing an individual to itemize deductions to compute Maryland taxable income whether or not the individual itemizes deductions on the individual’s federal income tax return; providing that, for an individual who does not itemize deductions on the individual’s federal income tax return, Maryland itemized deductions shall be determined as if an individual itemized deductions on the federal income tax return; applying the Act to all taxable years after 2018; etc.

To ensure that you appropriately support SB 906, you need to sign-in to speak before the Senate’s Budget & Taxation Committee. However, you are not required to speak. We simply need bodies to show up to support

SB 906. The Senate Building is located at 3 West, Miller Senate Office Building, Annapolis, Maryland 21401. The deadline to sign-in is 12:00pm, March 13.

NARFE MD Federation President Dr. Gary Roundtree has approved the reimbursement of your parking and a shuttle ride to the Senate Building in Annapolis. Should you have questions regarding SB 906 and overall strategy, please contact Maryland Federation State Legislative Committee Chair Paul Schwartz at

The National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) was founded in 1921 with the mission of protecting the earned rights and benefits of America’s active and retired federal workers. One of the largest federal employee/retiree organizations, NARFE represents the interests of 5 million current and future federal and postal annuitants, spouses and survivors.

Updated: 2019-03-02