Breakfast with Steny Hoyer – October 1, 2014

Breakfast with our NARFE Champion:

Minority Whip Congressman Steny Hoyer

On Wednesday, October 1, NARFE National President-elect Thissen, Maryland Federation President McGrath, Vice President Roundtree, Federation Legislative Committee Chair Haley, chapter presidents, and members from the 5th District and across Maryland, broke bread with NARFE’s friend and Champion, Congressman Steny Hoyer.  He thanked us for our service to our country… all the civilians and veterans among us.  He addressed many of NARFE’s urgent concerns and long-term issues.

Congressman Hoyer is on our side 100 percent, as his voting record attests.  He decried the $138 billion that federal employees, Active and Retired, have “paid the price” towards the deficit.  “No other group has made such a sacrifice,” he noted. “Sequestration starts with an “S” and stands for “Stupid,” and is irresponsible” he concluded.  He has valiantly fought for the Federal Employee Pay Comparability Act, for our Health Plan, and for our retirement system, among many other NARFE issues.  He stands behind Postal workers.  When questioned about future compromise on the Hill, he promised to engage our opponents, to save our benefits.  On entitlements, he questioned why persons who are millionaires should receive the same entitlement as a retiree living only on a meagre pension and social security.  He is working towards a fiscally sustainable path for all NARFE’s active and retired federal employees.

Our NARFE officials and members were thrilled to have this opportunity for an intimate exchange with our Congressman and Champion.  The Congressman graciously spent far more than our allocated meeting time with him.  Before departing, he challenged NARFE President-elect Thissen, and the Maryland Federation to continue our grass-roots pursuits as “active, tough, advocates.”

Sudha K. Haley, Ph.D.

NARFE Maryland Federation Legislative Committee Chair

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