Congressman Chris Van Hollen Meets with NARFE’s Maryland Federation – September 3, 2014

Congressman Chris Van Hollen Meets with NARFE’s Maryland Federation

Congressman Chris Van Hollen, Ranking Minority Member of the House Budget Committee, met in his office with a delegation of NARFE Chapter Presidents and Members on September 3, 2014.  Federation Legislative Committee Chair Sudha Haley, Ph.D. organized this meeting to discuss NARFE members’ issues and concerns with the Congressman.  Among the items he addressed were: current appropriations bills, length of a Continuing Resolution, probability of another government shutdown, an Omnibus Spending Bill, Chained CPI, CPI-E, COLA calculations, raising the minimum wage, jobs creation, funding for active feds, active military, retirees’ and veterans’ health benefits and  for caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients and of wounded warriors, how would conflicts in the Ukraine Syria, Iraq, be funded, and how safe are our earned benefits including Medicare, Social Security and our  pension benefits.  These and other relevant issues and concerns from participants were discussed.  The Congressman remains a champion for active and retired federal and military employees and retirees.   The Maryland Federation Legislative Committee will continue to organize such legislative activist events under the guidance and leadership of the Federation’s President Dan McGrath, the Vice President Bishop Dr. Gary Roundtree, and NARFE Headquarters.
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